I declare that the information provided by me to TOC Australia is true and correct.

  1. I further confirm that I have read, understood, agree, accept and will comply with all policies, procedures, terms and conditions of enrolment as detailed in the TOC Australia Student Handbook located on TOC Australia website.
  2. I declare that I have sufficient English Language capability to undertake this course along with sufficient access to Basic computer skills and a desktop or laptop with sufficient internet speed to undertake online studies.
  3. I agree that in the event that if false, misleading or inaccurate information is provided by me, TOC Australia reserves the right to cancel my enrolment and withhold any fees paid.
  4. Sharing personal information: I understand and agree and consent that my personal information may be made available to the relevant agencies (if applicable) i.e. Department of Home Affairs (DHA), Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Tuition Protection Service (TPS) Director and the Health Insurance Provider pursuant to obligations under the ESOS Act 2000, the ESOS Regulations Act 2001 and the National Code 2018 or their successors, TOC Australia, and to any contractor(s) engaged by TOC Australia to provide advice or services in connection with TOC Australia registration and/or compliance.
  5. I further acknowledge and agree that I have the financial ability to pay my college fees as they become due.
  6. I do hereby certify that I have completed application and enrolment into my course personally.
  7. I further acknowledge that I have read any relevant deferment, suspension or cancellation policy/s and understand the grounds for deferment, suspension or cancellation of enrolment.
  8. I further acknowledge that I have read the complaints and appeals policy in the handbook and understand the process for making a complaint.
  9. I further acknowledge that I have read the student progress policy in the handbook and understand the requirements to maintain adequate course progress.
  10. I further acknowledge that I have read the fees, charges and refund policy in TOC Australia’s Student Handbook and understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the fees, charges and refund policy.
  11. I have been advised and understand that it is my obligation to notify TOC Australia of any change of contact details while enrolled at the college within 5 days of change taking place, I acknowledge this obligation.
  12. The terms and conditions of this agreement do not remove the right of the student to undertake action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.
  13. TOC Australia will not provide or disclose to any outside parties’ personal information other than is approved in this application. However, if required by law then this information will be released.

I further consent to being contacted by TOC Australia, and/or the relevant Commonwealth agency in connection with my enrolment and future studies.

I accept the above Student Declaration. As this is compulsory, we store your acceptance with your student records.